Opportunities in Water Production

March 18, 2012

Saudi Arabia will increase by almost double its desalinated water production over the next three years according to the governor of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) who said the daily water production will rise from the current 3.3 million cubic meters to about 6 million. Abdulrahman Mohammed Al-Ibrahim, chief of the state-run water utility, said household use was running at about 250 liters per capita, adding, ““We hope this amount will be rationalized.. ..supply and demand must be balanced,” according to a Reuters report provided by Arab News yesterday.

The article went on to discuss the details of water demand citing Abdullah Al-Husayen as saying the need was increasing 7 percent per annum with more than $133 billion expected for investment in the next decade to keep up. Husayen told an industry event that SWCC would quadruple capital investments from the 2012 budget of $4.1 billion over the next 20 years. He noted SWCC was diversifying fuel sources for water conversion to include solar and nuclear power generation. “We try as much as we can to diversify technology and boost fuel efficiency,” he said.

SWCC’s HR General Manager, Abdul Latif Al-Harkan, was a member of the Saudi delegation at the US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum in Atlanta in December and he briefed on the business opportunities available as a result of the expansion of the water desalination sector. Harkan provided details of new plant and pipeline projects under construction including a 240 m3/day plant in Jeddah and a 1,025 m3/day plant at Ras Al-Kheir; as well as numerous projects under tendering and under consideration for future development. [Briefing slides below, and video at links]  The presentation provided specifics of SWCC’s privatization, commercialization and restructuring program, and the 2008 “Private Sector Participation” strategy. Harkan noted that the SWCC was committed “to national and global collaboration and private sector participation in the desalination sector,” adding, “Private sector local and international participation benefits the broadest range of players, investors, financing institutions, operators, contractors, and so forth.”


Panel on Opportunities in Water and Electricity – Abdul Latif Al-Harkan from USSaudiForumAtlanta3 on Vimeo.


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