G-20 Summit in Toronto Set for June 26-27

June 22, 2010

Group of Twenty member Saudi Arabia will be represented at the June 26-27 Summit in Toronto by King Abdullah according to a statement of the Royal Court, as reported in SUSRIS.com.  The Kingdom is the only Arab and only Middle East country member of the world’s “premier forum for international economic cooperation,” as described in the G-20 Pittsburgh Summit (Sep 2009) final statement.  To provide context for the Toronto Summit a number of think tanks have provided extensive background materials.  Among these are:

Council on Foreign Relations – Issues on the G-20 Agenda – includes a host of interviews, articles, papers and other materials.  Click Here.

In Toronto, the predominant issue on the G20′s agenda will be coordinating a global economic recovery. Absent from the agenda will be China’s recent decision to make its currency more flexible, says CFR’s Steven Dunaway in an interview with CFR.org.

CFR Resources on International Economics:

Working PaperHow Dangerous Is U.S. Government Debt? The Risk of a Sudden Spike in U.S. Interest Rates by Francis Warnock

CFR Meeting VideoTranscript: “Progress and Prospects in the G20, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank”

Working Group: Nine “Squam Lake” papers on financial regulation written by fifteen financial economists

CFR Meeting Video: Princeton’s Alan Blinder, Kissinger Associates’Jami Miscik, Bloomberg’s Jonathan Weil, and CFR’s Sebastian Mallaby, analyze global risk

Foreign Affairs: “Why More Diplomacy Won’t Keep the Financial System Safe” by Marc Levinson

CFR Meeting Video: World Economic Update with JPMorgan’s Joyce Chang, Bank of America’s Mickey Levy, and Barclays Capital’s Dean Maki

Op-ed: “Don’t Blame the Euro for Greece’s Woes” by Benn Steil(Financial News)

Op-ed: “Leaving the Euro Behind?” by Sebastian Mallaby


G-20 Summit – Previewing the G-20 Summit  [Click here]

[See the SUSRIS Special Section on the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh – click here]

[See the SUSRIS Special Section on the G-20 Summit in Toronto – click here]

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