Prince Saud on Obama, Regional Issues

March 8, 2010

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal told the New York Times that President Obama “said all the right words” in his June 2009 address to the Muslim world in Cairo, but that “implementation took traditional roads.”  Other leaders in the Kingdom were more blunt, according to Times’ columnist Maureen Dowd, “Things are worse now,” said an unnamed ‘highly placed prince’, “because our hopes were so high after Cairo.”

In Dowd’s second column (see “Maureen Dowd Gets Loosey, Goosey in Saudi“) she talked with Prince Saud about Obama being stymied in moving Middle East peace forward as well as brief jabs at other regional issues like nuclear proliferation, Iran and terrorism.

Take a look here: “Arabia: Inshallah, Obama,” by Maureen Dowd

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